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Gracias a todxs lxs participantes y colaboradorxs – especialmente a lxs de la foto : Jordi, Alberto, Ester & Carlos.

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Festa de clausura de L’espai de l’intent amb :

María Llopis i la performance / presentació del llibre El Postporno era eso

Tim Stüttgen i la performance / presentació del llibre PostPornPolítics. Queer_Feminist Perspective on the Politics of Porn Performances and Sex_Work as Cultural Produktion

Lola Clavo i la presentació del seu curt Switch

+ els artistes de l’exposició + moritz gratis + ……

Us esperem amb tot el foc de la nova primavera !

veure el cartell >>>>

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I am a Japanese from Tokyo. People often say to me that Japan is a peaceful country.

Indeed, we hardly come across to the accident or have our possession stolen.

Recently, the gap between rich and poor has been widening, but comparing it with that of Europe or America, I can say that it is still better.

However, nearly three million people commit suicide in Japan every year.

It is because of the unemployment increasing year by year and isolation, but, to me, the reason is not convincing.

The problems must be more deep rooted and complicated than I can expect.


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